Biden Visits Daughter-in-Law, Anticipates Her Testimony in Son’s Case

( – President Biden recently visited his daughter-in-law, Hallie Biden, on May 26, just four days before the ninth anniversary of his son Beau Biden’s death. Media outlets faced backlash as reporters correctly pointed out that Hallie Biden is a witness who will likely be called to testify in Hunter Biden’s upcoming trial on June 3. He is facing three federal felonies related to the purchase and possession of a firearm while using or addicted to an illegal substance.

After Beau Biden died, Hallie Biden and Hunter Biden began a tumultuous romantic relationship. Multiple text messages between the pair were put on display after the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop went public. A police report from October 2018 showed that Hallie Biden tossed the Colt Cobra 388PL handgun into a dumpster behind a grocery store. She later went back to get the gun, but it was gone. Delaware police launched an investigation into the missing gun, but the Secret Service allegedly also took an interest in the incident.

One media outlet said that Secret Service agents went to the gun store and asked the owner to hand over the paperwork related to Hunter Biden’s gun purchase. The owner was skeptical of the request but ultimately gave the paperwork to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). The Secret Service said it had no documentation that any of its agents were involved in the investigation. The gun was eventually returned by a man who scours dumpsters for recyclables.

On May 24, the final pretrial hearing was held to determine specifics related to the trial, including the type of information that would be allowed or blocked from discussion. Judge Maryellen Noreika made clear that Special Counsel David Weiss only needed to prove that Hunter Biden was a drug addict while he possessed the firearm, but not that he was intoxicated with drugs on the day of the firearm purchase.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys asked for details related to his child support battle with the mother of his youngest daughter to be excluded from the trial. Additionally, his attorneys asked that no references be made to his discharge from the Navy for using drugs.

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