Biden Tries To Steal Credit for Trump Era Policy

Biden Tries To Steal Credit For Trump Era Policy

Biden Steals Credit For One Of Trump’s Own Laws

( – On August 16, President Joe Biden announced the FDA will make a new class of hearing aids available over the counter. The problem is he failed to mention former President Donald Trump’s hand in the measure. In 2017, the former leader signed the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act into law, setting the stage for more affordable and accessible hearing devices without having to visit a doctor.

Due to the pandemic, the act was at a standstill, waiting on the FDA to hammer out the regulations for the new class of devices. In July 2021, Biden signed an executive order to get the ball rolling again by directing the Secretary of Health and Human Services to move forward on the measure. Although the governmental agency drafted provisions a few months later, it wasn’t until recently that the policies were finalized

The hearing aids are available for adults who experience “mild to moderate hearing loss,” and will be available without a prescription in stores by October of this year. The devices must be safe and effective while meeting the FDA’s package labeling standards.

The legislation makes this type of healthcare accessible for more Americans who currently live with the loss of this important sense. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), that number reaches into the tens of millions across the US.

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