Biden Snaps at Reporter, Yet Again

Biden Snaps at Reporter, Yet Again

( – During a briefing on March 24 in Brussels, Belgium, at NATO Headquarters, President Joe Biden accused a reporter of “playing a game” with him while asking questions. The reporter, CBS’ Christina Ruffini, said the sanctions didn’t work as a deterrent against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When the president answered sanctions weren’t meant to deter, Ruffini followed up by asking if the additional sanctions they were discussing at their meeting would impact Russia’s current course. Biden then snapped at the reporter and told her that wasn’t what he said.

Biden stated the sanctions were not a deterrent, but when applied over time with a united front, NATO countries hope the pressure will stop Putin from continuing his attack. The reporter seemed to be conveying exactly the same point when asking her original question.

The incident wasn’t the first time the US leader shot back at reporters. In January, he called Peter Doocy from Fox News a “stupid son of a bi**h” for asking about the impact inflation might have on the mid-term elections.

The president is showing frustration with reporters who are simply doing their job of asking questions. What do you think about how the president is reacting to reporters? Do you feel the reactions are justified, or is he just losing it?

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