Biden Slammed for Letting Undocumented Immigrants Access COVID-19 Vaccine

Biden Slammed for Letting Undocumented Immigrants Access COVID-19 Vaccine

( – The United States is currently experiencing supply problems with the COVID-19 vaccines. Governors around the country have been asking for more doses. Instead of figuring out how to make sure every American who wants to get the shot obtains it, Joe Biden’s concerned about illegal immigrants.

On February 1, the Department of Homeland Security announced the federal government supports “equal access to the COVID-19 vaccines….for undocumented immigrants.” The DHS encouraged illegal immigrants to receive the vaccine “once eligible under local distribution guidelines.”

The announcement came as millions of senior citizens are desperately trying to get appointments to get the vaccinations. House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) slammed the Biden administration for their latest move, saying Biden is allowing illegals to “jump ahead of other Americans” who want the shots.

Rep. Debbie Lesko (R-AZ) expressed similar outrage.


While it may be inaccurate to say that this new plan inherently puts “illegal immigrants first,” it still means that they’ll be receiving support and resources that should be going to the American people first — especially those who are the most vulnerable. Every single citizen who wants one should be able to get one BEFORE any of the people living in this country illegally. To allow it to happen any other way is outrageous and unforgivable.

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