Biden Says He’s “Gonna Be in Trouble”

Biden Says He's

( – President Joe Biden is known as a “gaffe machine.” He’s made many comments over the years that have caused outrage. Recently, he made an odd comment when answering questions from members of the press.

On April 27, Biden spoke to the press at the White House. After answering questions about a possible meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other topics, the president told reporters that he would take one “last question” because he was going to “be in trouble.”

Former President Donald Trump spoke to the press all the time, but Biden doesn’t do that. The fact that he’s rarely in front of reporters has led to speculation from some Conservatives that his team tries to keep him from making blunders. The comment about him being in trouble only adds fuel to that fire. What exactly did he mean? Was he simply on a tight schedule, or is someone behind the scenes limiting access to the press?

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