Biden Says Child Poverty Increased Because of GOP Tax Cuts

( – President Biden pointed the finger at Republicans on September 12 after the U.S. Census Bureau released the childhood poverty figures for 2022. In a statement posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, the president wrote that “the rise reported today in child poverty is no accident,” adding that the Republicans are to blame for blocking the Child Tax Credit enhancements.

He vowed to work to bring back the additional tax credits, while also claiming that Republicans were more concerned about corporate tax cuts. Americans with children were receiving between $250-300 per child each month, depending on the child’s age. The monthly deposits came to an end in January 2022.

Many Republicans who opposed extending the additional tax credit felt that the continued payments would keep people from going back to work as the pandemic waned. However, West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin’s opposition shut the door to extending the additional credits. Rising inflation was also a contributory factor to the 7.2 percent increase in child poverty in 2022. More Americans were working, but the cost of living ate up additional income.

While many Republicans have yet to come up with a solution, Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley proposed an additional $12,000 per year tax credit for married parents and $6,000 for single parents back in 2021. He reasoned that families should be able to opt for one parent staying home and raising their children, arguing that wealthy families should not be the only families that are afforded that option. Most government-paid daycare programs require both parents to be employed. His tax credit increase would allow a parent to effectively be paid $1,000 a month to stay home and raise their children.

Democrats will likely challenge Republicans to pass some type of additional tax credit before the 2024 presidential election. If Republicans oppose any such measure, Democrats will be afforded another campaign talking point when vying to win a second term for President Biden and make gains in Congress.

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