Biden Reveals New Rules for Airlines Are in the Works

President Biden Announces New Rules for Airlines

( – On May 8th, 2023, President Biden and Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg held a briefing to inform the public about new rules that are currently being written that will require airlines to provide more than just a hotel room or a new flight for passengers whose flights are delayed. The pair touted their proposal, which includes airlines paying money to passengers to cover the time they will lose, as well as food and transportation costs. With an increase in travel likely coming over the next several months, Buttigieg stated that airlines “need to accept their fundamental responsibility to better serve passengers.”

The likelihood of these new rules taking effect before the 2024 election is slim, given that other airline rules that President Biden proposed back in 2021 are still being worked on. It is not entirely clear whether or not the DOT can legally force airlines to provide these accommodations, but the rules could ignite a long battle. The Biden administration has been battling with airlines for a while about the massive number of flight delays and cancelations that occurred in 2022. In a statement, Airlines for America expressed their commitment to making sure flights are on time, but said that “safety is always the top priority.”

In the summer of 2022, the DOT proposed to publicize a list of airlines that offered compensation for flight delays, which sparked opposition from most airlines. Airlines for America spoke out about the proposal, expressing that they felt the list was a punishment for airlines that may not be solely responsible for the flight delays. Airlines for America expressed interested in working towards solutions with the government but noted that the proposal would increase costs to passengers.

The rules from 2021 that have yet to be finalized would force airlines to refund the money paid for baggage checks if passengers had to wait for an extended amount of time to receive their luggage. They would also refund Wi-Fi charges if the internet failed to work during flights.

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