Biden Reportedly Unhappy That Trump’s Poll Numbers Are Better Than His

Biden Reportedly Unhappy That Trump's Poll Numbers Are Better Than His

Biden Goes BALLISTIC After Losing To Trump In This Key Poll

( – A recent Real Clear Politics poll showed President Joe Biden’s approval rating at an average of a dismal 40.7%, and he’s not happy. The unimpressive numbers sit below that of former President Donald Trump, who FiveThirtyEight puts at an average of 42% favorable as of May. Politico reported Biden is frustrated by his low approval rating that now sits below who he describes as “the worst president” ever — Trump.

The news source stated the West Wing morale is suffering because of the constant barrage of issues landing on the White House steps since Biden took office. According to Politico, the administration is irritated with the way the president is handling the issues plaguing America. However, White House spokesperson Andrew Bates called the reports false. He said the “depiction” of those closest to the president is “divorced from reality.”

Still, there’s no denying the majority of citizens in the United States are unhappy with Biden and his administration, as evidenced by his plummeting approval numbers. Some say the US leader may fall into the same fate as former President Jimmy Carter, who was a one-term president. He lost his second term mainly due to the failing economy.

Do you think there’s enough time for Biden to recover before the general election in 2024 or is he simply going to be Carter 2.0?

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