Biden Makes Outrageous COVID-19 Claim

( – The final presidential debate started with a question about COVID-19. And right out of the gate, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made an outrageous claim.

The debate moderator, Kristen Welker, asked Biden how he would handle the virus. He said he would cut the deaths to 100,000 more people instead of the 200,000 some scientists have predicted. In his response, the former vice president then laid the deaths of more than 200,000 Americans at President Donald Trump’s feet.

Biden can’t promise the American people that he’s going to cut the potential deaths in half. The disease is highly infectious, and even in states where they shut down quickly, thousands have died. Many of them because of the inept responses of Democrats, like the governors of New York and Michigan allowing COVID-19 positive patients to infect and kill people in nursing homes.

Curiously, Biden hasn’t attacked Democrats for their deadly policies. He also hasn’t blamed China, where the coronavirus originated. Instead, the Democratic nominee continued his asinine campaign of holding Trump responsible for everything.

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