Biden Makes Bizarre Claim About Water Conservation

( – President Joe Biden has had his fair share of gaffes since taking office in 2021, and while most are only covered by right-leaning news sources, some simply cannot be ignored. That was the case on June 16, when he concluded a speech about gun control reform at a summit in Connecticut with the phrase “God save the Queen, man.” The clip went viral on social media in an instant, with almost no one capable of providing an explanation as to what he meant. White House pool reporter Todd Gillman, tweeted about his and other pool reporters’ confusion regarding the comment, stating “Several of you have asked me why he might have said that—I have no idea.”

While that clip forced media outlets to offer their commentary to viewers, Biden’s latest gaffe may only be making headlines because it happened just days after the comment about the Queen. On June 20, President Biden seemed to step back in time when he claimed that “by 2020, we will have conserved 30% of all the lands and waters the United States has jurisdiction over.” He likely meant to say 2030, but the comment added fuel to the argument of those who believe that President Biden is suffering from a mental decline. According to Fox News, a March 2023 conservation fact sheet from the White House shows that 2030 is the accurate date that President Biden expects the 30% figure to come to fruition.

Many media outlets attempt to downplay President Biden’s verbal fumbles, as Forbes did when they excused his railroad comment on June 15. President Biden was speaking at a dinner in Washington D.C. when he said that his administration is planning to “build a railroad from the Pacific all the way across the Indian Ocean.” Forbes provided a history lesson to readers of gaffes by other former presidents, proclaiming that more attention is brought to them due to the rise of social media. Nevertheless, President Biden’s gaffes continue to be a hot topic of his presidency on TV and online.

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