Biden Jokes About Republicans Who Oppose Gun Control: “Send Them to Jail”

Biden Jokes About Republicans Who Oppose Gun Control: 'Send Them To Jail'

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( – President Joe Biden appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week where he said those who don’t follow the rules and play fair should “go to jail”.

The president’s words were in response to host Jimmy Kimmel comparing the way Republicans and Democrats work together in government to a game of Monopoly. He asked Biden what you do when you’re playing with someone who is not playing by the rules, to which the president responded, “you send them to jail.”

They both had a chuckle, but the comment seemed to get mixed responses from the audience.

While the pair were discussing gun control measures, Kimmel asked Biden why he doesn’t simply write an executive order to get what he wants. The president answered that he does write orders within his power but refused to step out of the bounds of the presidency. He admonished Republicans for failing to stay within procedural rules, saying if Democrats followed suit, democracy in the US would be gone.

Although Biden’s response to the Monopoly comparison was framed as a joke, the fact that many say his administration borders on tyrannical makes the jest hit a bit differently.

Do you think Biden and Kimmel’s analogy was in poor taste, given the current climate in America?

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