Biden Has Meeting at White House Over Voting Laws After Democrats’ Bill Fails

Biden Has Meeting at White House Over Voting Laws After Democrats' Bill Fails

( – The Democratic Party’s sweeping voting rights bill, known as the For the People Act, failed to advance in the Senate on June 22, after a Republican-led filibuster killed the bill. The party hasn’t given up, though, and President Joe Biden is trying to lead the charge.

Biden met with voting rights experts and his advisors on June 28, a week after the legislation failed. The president reportedly wanted to know what they could do next to advance the cause. In a statement, the White House said the “administration will continue working with Congress” to pass the legislation and get the American people engaged with voting rights issues. The administration also said Biden has “reiterated his unwavering” goal to “protect the sacred right to vote” in the US.

While Democrats try to figure out a way to give themselves an unfair advantage, Republicans across the country are passing election security laws. The GOP believes the most important thing they can do is ensure the tally of every legal vote in the races going forward. The governors in Florida, Georgia and Texas have already signed laws to make sure that happens, but the Left is fighting them. If Democrats successfully passed a law like the For the People Act, it might destroy all the GOP’s work to protect our elections. Fortunately, right now, it doesn’t seem the Democrats have a path forward.

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