Biden Goes on the Offense Against “MAGA” Republicans in Labor Day Speech

Biden Goes on the Offense Against

Biden Announces New TARGET – He’s Not Finished

( – On September 5, President Joe Biden attended a Labor Day celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he spoke to a group of union workers and continued his attack on “MAGA Republicans.” The leader’s speech started with how much he supported unions and the importance of workers in America. Then he piggy-backed on his Soul of the Nation speech, singling out a sector of citizens on the Right he referred to as extreme. Biden said they are “full of anger, violence, hate, and division.”

Again, the president talked about how he works with mainstream Republicans just fine, as he’s done his “whole career.” He said the MAGA legislators are trying to take the country backward at a time when everyone needs to move forward as one nation.

The commander-in-chief went on to talk about jobs and infrastructure but couldn’t resist getting in more pot shots. He circled back to the far-right once again, calling them “Trumpies” while accusing them of targeting Social Security and threatening the United States at its very core — democracy.

The timing of this newly-found target by the president is aligning perfectly with energized campaigns on both sides as Democrats and Republicans fight for control of Congress in 2023.

What do you think of Biden’s strategy to villainize those who support Trump and parse them out from the rest of the Right?

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