Biden Exempts Congress From Vaccination Requirements

Biden Exempts Congress From Vaccination Requirements

( – When Americans vote a president into office, they expect the new leader of the free world to abide by his campaign promises to the best of his ability. But when a politician’s actions blatantly contradict the word voters relied on, it’s difficult to believe anything they say — especially as they oblige regular citizens to get inoculated against the predominant coronavirus while conveniently providing exceptions for congressional members.

That’s exactly what happened on September 9, when President Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating COVID-19 vaccinations, effectively turning his back on his own promises.

Although the directive allows for religious and disability exemptions, it applies to eligible workers in the executive branch and those working for companies with 100 or more employees. However, members of the legislative or judicial branches of the federal government are exempt — including Congress.

In response to the authoritative move, Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) tweeted the mandate is “absolutely unconstitutional.”

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) also chimed in, accusing the president of leading by coercion, instead of by example. Meanwhile, several other Republican leaders intend to push back through lawsuits to stop the federal overreach. Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is leading the charge, having filed a suit on September 14.

But because the order is currently in effect and the courts are historically slow, resistance to the mandate may come too late and therefore be a moot point for most affected Americans.

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