Biden Downplays Monkeypox Outbreak as Less Worrisome Than COVID-19

Biden Downplays Monkeypox Outbreak as Less Worrisome Than COVID-19

Biden Leaves Audience Speechless With Latest Monkeypox Statement

( – While speaking in Tokyo, Japan on May 23, President Joe Biden stated he doesn’t believe the monkeypox virus “rises to the level” of concern as COVID-19. However, just before boarding Air Force One in South Korea the day prior, Biden told a group of reporters the virus was something “to be concerned about.” His change in wording has some wondering if he’s simply downplaying the monkeypox outbreak and if it is something to worry about indeed.

When the coronavirus hit the shores of the United States, it was something new the medical community hadn’t seen before, and there were no vaccines to quell the spread. In contrast, monkeypox is related to smallpox, which means the vaccine currently stockpiled will likely work against the disease. It also means the US is starting off on a different footing than it did with COVID-19. That fact prompted Biden’s comments about the unlikely chance of monkeypox becoming a huge problem similar to the coronavirus.

Currently, there is one confirmed case of monkeypox in the United States, in addition to six other unconfirmed, suspected cases. On May 23, the CDC announced it would release some of the smallpox vaccines it has in the national stockpile in case they’re needed. Captain Jennifer McQuiston from the CDC doesn’t believe there’s a “great risk” to the public.

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