Biden Criticized for Shushing Reporter

Biden Criticized for Shushing Reporter

( – Conservative critics often argue that President Joe Biden’s snarky comments to the media go ignored by the mainstream press, while the press continues to write about former President Donald Trump and his treatment of the media. For instance, the media recently covered Trump’s “nasty person” comment to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins during his New Hampshire Town Hall Event with the network.

However, Biden has also had his share of tense moments with members of the press. Last week, he made headlines regarding what he said to a reporter while he was discussing negotiations regarding the debt ceiling with the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, during his visit to Japan. Biden had taken a question from one reporter, expressing his lack of concern about the ongoing debt ceiling talks, but then said, “Shush up,” to a reporter who interrupted him while trying to get a question answered about the same topic.

Critics on social media immediately called out Biden for the remarks, but most focused on the hypothetical media firestorm that would have ensued if it was Trump who spoke to the press that way. Bonchie, who writes for the conservative site Red State, reminisced about the tension-filled interactions between CNN’s Jim Acosta and former President Trump, noting the difference in the way journalists questioned him, but also how Acosta and others would claim to be a victim of his aggressive behavior.

Peter Doocy of Fox News has also had contentious interactions with President Biden, one of which the press was unable to avoid when Biden was caught on a hot mic calling Doocy “a stupid son of a b*tch” after a White House event back in January 2022. However, a CNN reporter argued in writing that there was no comparison between his comment and how former President Trump treated the media.

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