Biden Considering Halting Trump-Era Tariffs on China

Biden Considering Halting Trump-Era Tariffs on China

Biden’s Latest Move Proves He’s Been In Bed With China – Halts Tariffs

( – In an effort to ease out-of-control inflation in the United States, the Biden administration is reconsidering tariffs on goods from China, drawing them down to hopefully curb prices.

Experts predict the already-high inflation will continue to climb into the summer, impacting families across the nation. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo revealed President Joe Biden asked her corner of the government to look into changing the taxes set in place by former President Donald Trump on household goods imported from China.

Although Raimondo admitted the tariffs have been effective, her team is now in the process of analyzing the measure and drawing down taxes on goods at the current president’s request.

Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) spoke about the potential action, stating while the sentiment is good, the move isn’t big enough, and it won’t likely produce quick results. Instead, she suggested Biden put together an “emergency task force” to bring down prices and alleviate shortages causing price hikes. In essence, she wants to see a more comprehensive move instead of “ad-hoc initiatives.” She also called on Congress to pass legislation that will help the economy — specifically bills pertaining to semiconductor chip manufacturing in the US.

Do you think lifting tariffs on Chinese imports is the right move to give American families some relief from inflation?

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