Biden Colluded With Big Tech To Silence Americans

( – After several chaotic hearings that exposed the lengths that certain government agencies went to in order to stifle the free speech of Americans, the House Weaponization Subcommittee has released an interim report of their investigation. The committee determined that the Biden administration worked with third-party companies, namely social media companies, to censor speech leading up to the 2022 midterm elections.

The committee also reported that the federal government colluded with Big Tech before the 2020 presidential election, naming the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) as the primary culprit for working with social media companies to censor what they believed to be election misinformation. The report details how CISA avoided violations of the first amendment by utilizing a nonprofit agency to do its bidding, noting that CISA has provided funding to the agency.

The damning report also details how CISA attempted a “cover-up of unconstitutional activities,” removing information from its website about surveilling activities domestically, in addition to its censorship efforts in America. CISA was created for “protecting critical infrastructure” as well as preventing cyberattacks, but the agency wasted no time before it began engaging in censorship activities, according to the report. They set up back channels with these companies to streamline censorship of discussions regarding the integrity of elections, which often resulted in account suspensions or warning labels claiming the information being discussed was false.

The Biden administration took the efforts even further when it attempted to create a special board that would monitor and combat what it deemed to be disinformation, but after severe backlash nationwide, the board was dissolved. While the committee still has more work to do and more hearings to come, the Biden administration is currently in court for its censorship activities, as Missouri and Louisiana filed a lawsuit back in 2022. The first hearing for the case was held on June 1, and Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey reported that it did not go well for the federal government.

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