Biden Backs Nikki Haley

( – The staffer who runs President Biden’s Twitter account was very busy during the evening on August 23 during the first Republican primary debate of the 2024 election cycle. Most of Biden’s account tweets were to rebut the candidates’ claims in real-time, but the staffer made sure to compliment former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley when she criticized former President Trump about increasing the national debt.

Biden’s account shared a video of Haley, captioning it with a simple “What she said.” In the video, Haley was criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and former Vice President Mike Pence, for all voting to raise the debt ceiling. She went on to state that “Donald Trump added 8 trillion to our debt,” expressing her belief that American children will be unforgiving of their actions.

Haley also argued with former Vice President Mike Pence over a federal abortion ban. She bluntly told Pence and the audience that it is unrealistic to push for such a ban because there is not enough support in the House or the Senate. As the sole female candidate, Haley listed several things that she believes most lawmakers can agree on, including banning late-term abortions and advocating for adoptions. She also said that they should all be on board with contraception availability for anyone who wants it, in addition to not forcing providers to perform abortions if they do not believe in them. She went on to say that women should not face criminal charges for obtaining an abortion. Pence attempted to justify a 15-week federal abortion ban by citing polling that showed 70 percent of Americans support it. Haley interrupted, reiterating that there is not the same level of support in Congress.

Meanwhile, President Biden’s account continued to critique the debate, taking a swipe at candidates for allegedly not believing in climate change. The dig was apparently at Vivek Ramaswamy, who stated during the debate that the agenda being pushed to combat climate change is a hoax. He has previously stated that he knows that climate change is real and that actions by humans can contribute to climate change.

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