Biden Announces Date For Student Loan Checks – Will It Happen?

Biden Says Student Loan Checks Will Go Out Within a Couple Weeks

Biden Says Student Loan Checks Will Go Out Within a Couple Weeks

( – On October 27, President Joe Biden spoke exclusively with NewsNation, predicting those opposing student loan forgiveness will lose in court. He said he believes the checks will go out within the next two weeks. The US Department of Education opened the debt relief portal on October 14, and according to the administration, at least 22 million people have applied so far. However, there have been several legal challenges to the measure, one of which has led to a temporary block that prevents the government from discharging a portion of the student obligation.

Six attorneys general from South Carolina, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Iowa filed a federal lawsuit to stop the program, claiming the president doesn’t have the authority to grant the forgiveness. They say only Congress holds that power. The AGs allege the administration’s relief plan violates the US Constitution.

The plaintiffs believe the measure negatively affects their states by costing them tax revenues. White House Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently said the reason Biden pushed for the initiative was to provide some “breathing room” for Americans who are still financially reeling from the pandemic. She also said 90% of borrowers make under $75,000, so it would help middle-class America.

Now it’s up to the courts to decide if the forgiveness plan will continue or not. Biden seems to think his administration will come out victorious. What do you think?

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