Biden Administration Invites United Nations to Open Investigation on US Soil

Biden Administration Invites United Nations to Open Investigation on US Soil

( – Racial tensions have deteriorated in the United States over the past decade. The country seems more divided than ever, along both political and racial lines. Recently, President Joe Biden’s administration gave the United Nations a green light to investigate racism in the US.

Panel to Investigate Systemic Racism

On Tuesday, July 13, the UN agreed to create a panel to investigate systemic racism in policing against Black people in the US. According to the NY Times, the international body is allowing three experts in human rights and law enforcement three years to look into the issue. The fact that the mandate is the length of the remainder of Biden’s term hasn’t gone unnoticed. They will investigate racial profiling, use of force, and incidents where the police responded to BLM protests.

A report from the UN Human Rights Council sparked the creation of the panel. UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet said there’s an “urgent need to confront the legacies of enslavement,” including the nation’s historic slave trade, colonialism, and resulting discriminatory policies and systems.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken didn’t stand up for America when the UN announced the panel. Instead, he invited the international body to come to the US to investigate the issue. In a statement that night, he said the US would “issue a formal, standing invitation” to the panel. The secretary said, “Responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record.”

Critical Race Theory

Interestingly, the UN plans to look at the history of racism in the US. They said they’re investigating the impacts of slavery and other historical events on alleged police brutality. This approach sounds an awful lot like they’re using critical race theory (CRT) to guide their investigation.

CRT is the idea that racism in the US, dating back to when the first slave ships came to the US, has led to systemic discrimination. Pushers of this ideology believe this systemic racism shaped policing and the criminal justice system.

Republicans across the country have been working to ban this theory from being taught in schools. They believe it divides the nation further and teaches kids to hate others as well as themselves. Now, it looks like they shouldn’t have just focused only on safeguarding schools, but also on keeping the UN, which is controversial in its own right, out of America.

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