Biden Admin Defies Order, Releases Migrants

( – The ‘severe’ new border restrictions imposed by the Biden administration may not apply to tens of thousands of migrants from nations like Venezuela and China simply because their home countries will not welcome them back.

So far, in 2024, more than 150,000 individuals have unlawfully entered the US from just those two nations, and that number continues to rise every day.

Department of Homeland Security directives to border agents include exceptions to the new rule that mandates the processing of asylum claims to cease whenever the number of migrant contacts reaches 2,500 per day for seven days in a row.

President Joe Biden’s administration has directed U.S. Border Patrol personnel to release illegal aliens rather than deport them from all but six of the more than 100 Eastern Hemisphere nations.

Biden signed a weak immigration executive order last week, claiming he could shut down the border if it became overwhelmed—despite previously saying he couldn’t.

Security experts, political politicians, and authorities who have spoken out against Biden’s executive order have all said that it is meaningless and serves no purpose.

A memo given to Border Patrol agents contradicts what senior Biden administration officials told reporters in a call on Tuesday. The White House said extra-hemispheric migrants have always been a challenge, and the administration’s new regulations and terms will apply to them. They said they have been collaborating with governments worldwide to improve repatriation capabilities and expect to continue improving the capacity to return migrants to the Eastern Hemisphere.

The official said that no matter what nation migrants come from, the regulations and measures would allow them to impose an instant and rapid consequence.

Observers argued that the memo’s directives to Border Patrol constitute that mass catch & release continues for illegal immigrants. 

The Border Patrol has apprehended 27,000 Chinese migrants thus far in the fiscal year 2024, which started on October 1st of last year.

On March 30, a deportation airplane carrying only fourteen deportees touched down in Shenyang, China. Nevertheless, very few of these individuals have really returned to the nation.

The communist nation has not yet accepted ICE’s request to receive deportation planes regularly, and they have only consented to return a small number of individuals, the agency stated lately.

According to ICE records, just 89 Chinese migrants have been deported from the US in 2024.

Only 285 of the 24,000 Chinese migrants who entered the United States illegally were returned in 2023.

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