Betsy McCaughey Says Andrew Cuomo’s Recent Order Unconstitutional

Betsy McCaughey Says Andrew Cuomo's Recent Order Unconstitutional

( – On October 6, Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) issued an executive order prohibiting church services in Queens and Brooklyn. He claimed it was necessary to keep people safe from COVID-19. But one Roman Catholic Diocese is challenging the governor.

According to Betsy McCaughey, a prominent Republican and the former lieutenant governor of New York, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is asking the Supreme Court of the US to strike down Cuomo’s order. They argue the governor was wrong to decide which activities are “essential.” He’s allowing pet stores and big-box stores to remain open while saying churches aren’t necessary.

In addition to the Catholic Diocese, two Orthodox Jewish groups are also challenging the order preventing them from exercising “their religious faith.” McCaughey agreed with the religious groups and called on the courts to “end the reign of these petty tyrants.”

The First Amendment grants Americans the right to worship freely. Cuomo is now putting up roadblocks to prevent that from happening because he’s decided it’s too dangerous. That’s not his decision to make.

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