Bari Weiss Calls For End of DEI Initiatives

( – Another powerful voice is calling for an end to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, citing their effects on American institutions. After witnessing the response from students on college campuses after the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel, writer and former New York Times editor Bari Weiss knew it was time to speak out against DEI.

In an op-ed for Tablet Magazine, Weiss wrote that the words diversity, equity, and inclusion are being used to erase individuality and make Americans “an avatar of an identity group.” She added that DEI has led college students and professors to attempt to justify the actions of terrorists.

Weiss wrote that DEI is designed to convince people that America is no different than some of the most oppressive nations on Earth. She argued that advocating for the elimination of testing for math and reading among disadvantaged children was detrimental to American values. She wrote that Americans should not be compelled to self-segregate, adding that no one should not be forced to view everything through identity or feel pressured to adopt rhetoric they do not believe in.

Weiss went on to discuss the strength of Jewish people and their ability to endure despite persistent attempts of elimination. She cautioned that DEI is an initiative that seeks to end America as we know it, which could jeopardize stability for the whole world. She wrote that fighting DEI “is the least we owe this country.”

Weiss is not alone in her strong stance against DEI. Manhattan Institute fellow Christopher Rufo has made it his mission to end the practice in government and publicly funded colleges across the United States. His plan was successful in Florida back in May when Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis signed Rufo-blueprinted legislation into law. That legislation made it illegal for state and federally-funded colleges to promote or create any DEI initiatives. While signing the legislation, DeSantis explained that DEI does the opposite of what it claims and that there is no place in Florida for such divisive indoctrination.

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