Bannon Could Be Held in Criminal Contempt After Judge’s Ruling

Bannon Could Be Held in Criminal Contempt After Judge's Ruling

( – On October 7, former presidential advisor Steve Bannon missed his deadline to comply with a subpoena from the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol attack on January 6. At the time, he responded via letter, citing former President Donald Trump’s executive privilege, and refused to appear. On November 9, District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan ruled she would not shield information for the previous leader, nullifying Bannon’s reasoning and opening the door for criminal contempt charges.

On October 21, the House voted to refer charges against Bannon to the Department of Justice for his refusal to testify or supply requested documents, placing the ball in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s court. Following the recent ruling, Garland may decide to charge the political strategist for defying his subpoena, which could land him in jail for up to one year.

Before the decision on November 8, the attorney general briefly addressed the situation during a press conference where he said there were no new developments but called it a “criminal matter.”

Although it’s up to Garland to decide the next steps, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) insists if there are no consequences, other witnesses will have no incentive to testify before the committee.

Bannon hasn’t indicated whether he plans to answer the original subpoena following Chutkan’s ruling.

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