Austria Planning to Imprison Unvaccinated Amidst Mandates & Lockdowns

Austria Planning to Imprison Unvaccinated Amidst Mandates & Lockdowns

( – In response to low vaccination rates and increasing instances of positive coronavirus cases around the country, Austria is zeroing in on its unvaccinated population. As of February 2022, any Austrian citizen who refuses the COVID-19 vaccine could face fines and jail time until they comply. In the meantime, Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg announced all unvaccinated residents 12 and older must stay at home beginning November 22, with few exceptions.

Local police will enforce the new rules by implementing spot checks on citizens who venture out in public after that date.

In a recent news conference, the chancellor said the vaccination rate is “shamefully low,” standing at 65% of the population. It seems the plan is to segregate the vaccinated from the unvaccinated.

By isolating and restricting the freedoms of those who choose to express their medical freedom of choice, it appears the government is choosing to punish them.

The populist Freedom Party (FPO) leader, Herbert Kickl, is against mandated vaccinations, saying the idea crosses a line into dictatorship. He and his party question the constitutionality of such a measure. A demonstration in Vienna on November 21 drew thousands of people to protest the lockdowns and extreme rules.

Surprisingly, Austria isn’t the only European country considering harsh restrictions for the unvaccinated. Germany and Norway are also re-introducing their own policies to quell the spread of COVID infections in their respective regions.

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