Attorney General Targets Biden Whistleblower Personally

( – US Attorney General Merrick Garland refuted allegations by the IRS whistleblowers who claimed that the DOJ obstructed a tax probe into Hunter Biden. During a June 23 press conference, Garland also rejected the claim that he was requested to bestow special counsel authority upon the prosecutor overseeing the case. He even claimed that the whistleblower’s accusations represent an attack against the agency’s integrity and an important institution for “American democracy.”

Garland’s words came a day after the Congress’ Ways and Means Committee released interview transcripts of the two whistleblowers. They alleged interference by some US federal prosecutors who were allegedly involved in investigating the president’s son.

At the Department of Justice, the attorney general told reporters that US attorney in Delaware David Weiss had “complete authority” to make any decision he deems appropriate. He also said that the Trump-appointed attorney requires no permission from the DOJ headquarters to bring any charge.

On June 20, the president’s son reached a deal with Weiss’ office to plead guilty to some tax-related misdemeanor charges. Different reports said this will allow him to avoid prosecution on another gun possession charge in case he fulfills the agreement’s terms. However, this deal between Hunter and Weiss’ office has to receive the approval of a federal judge, with a hearing set for July 26.

One of these whistleblowers was IRS agent Gary Shapley, who used to work on the Hunter Biden investigation and recently appeared on CBS. In his interview with the committee, he told lawmakers that the agency’s findings corroborated both misdemeanor and felony charges. However, he revealed these charges were blocked in different jurisdictions outside Delaware. Moreover, he said Weiss allegedly told him in 2022 that federal prosecutors weren’t able to bring charges in Washington, DC, and that his attempt to be named a special counsel was rejected.

In the press conference, Garland said that the attorney general is the only official with sufficient authority to make this call. He added that Weiss never asked him to be named special counsel.

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