Attorney General Demands ANSWERS – Issues Won’t Go Unchecked

AZ Attorney General Demands Answers Over Voting Issues

AZ Attorney General Demands Answers Over Voting Issues

( – On November 19, Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright from the Office of the Arizona Attorney General (AGO) wrote a letter to Civil Division Chief Thomas Liddy of Maricopa County. She explained the office’s Election Integrity Unit had received “hundreds of complaints” from voters about their experiences on election day. Wright explained the correspondence included eyewitness accounts that raised lawful compliance concerns in his county. The letter outlined the issues for Liddy to review and requested a response by November 28.

The first issue raised was the problems the area experienced with tabulating some of the votes on election day. At the time, Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates said about 20% of the polling sites were experiencing issues with their machines. Apparently, the on-demand ballot printers had configuration issues and produced ballots that weren’t dark enough. As a result, the tabulation machines struggled to read the selections. Many voters were told they could either wait, go to another polling location, or drop their ballots in a labeled slot.

Wright wants a report from Liddy detailing the configuration settings, which were tested the day before, election day check-out procedures for those traveling to a different voting spot, and the process by which the untabulated votes were handled.

In the letter, Wright did not mention the potential existence of fraud, but the AGO believes the people of Arizona “deserve a full report” on the matter.

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