Army Will Begin Discharging Troops Who Don’t Comply With Vaccine Mandate

Army Will Begin Discharging Troops That Don't Comply With Vaccine Mandate

( – On February 2, the Army announced it intends to start discharging any soldiers who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

Most soldiers without an exemption received a reprimand, but it wasn’t enough to encourage them to change their vaccination statuses. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called the upcoming discharges “un-American.”

Currently, the number tops 3,350 in danger of involuntarily losing their jobs for the “commission of a serious offense.” The Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force already have dismissed a number of their service members for non-compliance, and now, apparently, it’s the Army’s turn.

The Pentagon ordered all service members to vaccinate. About 97% of active-duty Army soldiers received at least one dose, while over 3,600 asked for an exemption.

However, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said it’s vital for Army soldiers to be ready to “train, deploy, fight, and win” at a moment’s notice to protect the United States. She said unvaccinated troops who refuse to comply with the mandate threaten other service members and put Army readiness at risk.

According to recent data, military commands already booted over 650 other service members for choosing to remain unvaccinated. The Army directive stated those removed from service for non-compliance wouldn’t receive separation pay.

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