Anti-Trump Prime Minister Resigns After Right-Wing Win

( – In the most recent national elections in Belgium, the right-wing parties gained ground, while the left-wing and green parties lost ground. Unable to face the reality that his ideas are not as appealing as the opposition, the prime minister of the liberal coalition has chosen to quit.

The prime minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, has resigned, citing the ‘Super Sunday’ election results as the reason. Citizens had the opportunity to cast ballots for a new legislature, as well as regional and European Parliament representatives, in this election.

After the enormous gains made by center-right parties in the country’s elections, Belgium has started looking for a new government coalition.

The New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) has maintained its dominance over Flanders, a province where Dutch is spoken, for the last decade after winning both regional and national elections on Sunday. The far-right party Vlaams Belang came in second place.

In French-speaking Wallonia, the Reformist Movement deposed the Socialist Party, which had been in power for a long time. They triumphed in Brussels as well.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo formally resigned on Monday and presented his resignation to King Philippe after witnessing a steep decline in support for his Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats party.

The electoral landscape in Belgium has changed due to the emergence of right-wing groups and the sharp fall of the country’s two Green parties, even if there was no clear victor in the election. Consequently, the present partnership of centrists and globalists cannot continue.

The process of forming a new government in Belgium may be protracted; in previous elections, it took more than a year.

The biggest political parties in the nation, which hosts several EU institutions, are also notable for their “Euroskepticism.”

Even though De Croo was mostly unknown outside of Belgium, he had a significant influence in United States politics when he dabbled there on occasion. He became famous for his combative remarks on Trump, the former president of the United States. He warned earlier this year that if 2024 brings ‘America First’ again, it will be a time when Europe will have to rely on itself.

When the Supreme Court of the United States reversed Roe v. Wade in 2022, the prime minister of Belgium participated in the debate. He voiced his serious worries about the global message that the decision might send.

De Croo will remain in his role as acting prime minister for the time being.

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