Anti-Israel Protesters Attack Officer Near White House

( – On Saturday, a large number of anti-Israel demonstrators, including those who openly backed terrorist organizations like Hamas, encircled the White House. They proceeded to damage a monument and even attacked a U.S. Park Police officer who attempted to defend it.

The White House called the sentiments voiced at the protest “repugnant.” But, those who advocated for or perpetrated acts of terror have, strangely enough, evaded arrest.

The demonstration took place on the same day that Israel raided Gaza and freed four captives held by Hamas. The keffiyeh-clad protesters who gathered outside Biden’s residence called for the president to “free Palestine” and “end the siege on Gaza now.”

Hundreds stood in a line around the White House, unfurling a long crimson banner to symbolize the “red line” that Israel violated.

The United States Park Police arrived on the site armed with mace to disperse the demonstrators. Allegedly, they were trying to apprehend one of the demonstrators when the mob started demanding that they cease, chanting, “Let her go.” In a rarely seen act, the police released the demonstrator without making an arrest.

Despite surveys showing many Democrats are highly dissatisfied with President Joe Biden’s stance on Israel’s continuing war with Hamas, numerous senior White House officials have expressed confidence that the anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrations taking place around the country will not lead to a substantial decrease in Biden’s support in November’s election.

Despite severe warnings from some Democratic strategists and young activists, the White House and many in Biden’s campaign remain optimistic on the subject. They are telling Biden to stay out of the controversy and not get involved with the tiny groups of demonstrators on college campuses. They say the protestors’ numbers are too small to affect the president’s reelection campaign.

Many officials are still convinced that even Democrats who disagree with US policy would vote for Biden in November when given the choice between Trump and Biden.

Nearly all national polls have Biden and Trump even, with Trump holding a slight advantage in the states that will determine the election.

Overwhelmingly, Trump receives better marks from voters than Biden does on economic matters such as inflation.

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