Another Strict Gun Control Bill Moves Forward for Public Vote This November

Another Strict Gun Control Bill Moves Forward for Public Vote This November

Blue State Advances RADICAL Gun Control Law – Too Much?

( – In the wake of mass shootings plaguing the US, Oregon decided to add a gun control proposal to the state’s November ballot. On July 18, the state’s election division found there were enough voter signatures in favor of putting the Reduction of Gun Violence Act up for a vote during the midterms. The group needed at least 112,080 signatures, and they received nearly 20,000 over that amount. Now, it will be up to those at the ballot box whether or not the strict measure will advance in the legislative process and become law.

Details About the Act

Initiative 17 would ban magazines with a capacity to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition unless the citizen already owns one, is in the military, or serves as a law enforcement officer. Those who want to purchase a gun will have to acquire a permit for a fee. In order to qualify for ownership, the prospective buyer must complete a safety course, submit to and pass a background check, reveal personal information about themselves, and have their picture and fingerprints taken.

If the legislation passes, Oregon police will also keep a firearms database full of all the data provided, and applicants will need to submit their requests directly to either the county sheriff, the local police chief, or designees of either. The seemingly extreme proposal didn’t have enough support in the state to make it on the ballot until the mass shootings took place in Buffalo, New York, Uvalde, Texas, and Highland Park, Illinois. Now, voters in the state are looking for drastic solutions.

What People Are Saying

Chief Petitioner Reverend Mark Knutson of a local Lutheran church said he was thrilled when he heard the news about the gun control measure making it onto the election ballot. Another resident of The Beaver State who signed the petition said she has kids and wants to keep them safe when they go back to school in the fall.

In June, Portland’s Oregon Values and Beliefs Center found that almost 60% of people who live in the state want stricter laws from the federal government and 56% support their state doing the same.

However, not everyone was happy about the news. The Institute for Legislative Action, connected with the National Rifle Association, announced it’s against the legislation. The group said those pushing the act are going after “law-abiding firearm owners” and their guns.

What do you think about the states enacting harsh restrictions on gun ownership? Do you feel it infringes upon citizens’ Second Amendment rights?

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