Another Staffer Runs for the Exits, Abandons Kamala Harris

Another Staffer Runs for the Exits, Abandons Kamala Harris

( – It seems Vice President Kamala Harris’ struggles in keeping her employees is doomed to continue. On February 4, her speechwriting team leader, Kate Childs Graham, announced her departure. There’s no word yet on where Graham will go next, but her colleague and friend, Herbie Ziskend, wished her well on Twitter after the announcement.

The staffer marks just one of many people leaving the Veep’s side, having several outsiders questioning the mass exodus. Breitbart News reported several allegedly left because of workplace drama, including dissatisfaction, backstabbing, and general chaos under Harris’ rule. According to the claims, a few even go far as to call their treatment and work environment abusive.

Graham is number eight on the vice president’s staff to run for the exit and she plans to leave by the end of February.

With Harris’ low approval ratings leaving her future political career looking grim, some allege much of the staff was not interested in continuing to deal with her “soul-destroying criticism.” Others, like the VP’s former senior adviser, Symone Sanders, stated the rumors simply aren’t true.

Despite all the murmurings and exits, the White House insists they have “trust and confidence” in Harris’ abilities. Some wonder what her harsh reputation will mean for President Joe Biden’s re-election chances in 2024.

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