Another Person Was Found Thanks to Gabby Petito Manhunt

Another Person Was Found Thanks to Gabby Petito Manhunt

( – In 2019, the FBI reported 609,000 missing persons for the year, and they closed only 607,000 of those cases. The other 2,000 people remained among the lost. With a robust investigation and a little bit of luck, there’s hope they’ll find their way home again.

On September 11, Gabby Petito joined the ranks of missing persons, and an exhaustive search ensued, ending with her body recovery eight days later. During this grand scale search, authorities not only found the young woman’s remains, but they also stumbled upon another person who has been missing since August 20.

The Search for Robert Lowery

Texas resident and 46-year-old father of two Robert Lowery took a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the day before he went missing. Reports placed Mr. Lowery on the Black Canyon Trail carrying a sleeping bag, tent, and a backpack full of camping equipment.

But when he didn’t return home at his scheduled time, his family alerted the authorities. Unfortunately, their scan of the area resulted in no answers as to his whereabouts. Without the help of witnesses, the trail to find Lowery ran cold.

However, the news coverage of the Petito case sparked the public’s interest, and it reached the right people because two citizens called in with information about Lowery, previously unknown to the police.

Following those leads, authorities found the remains of the missing camper on September 28, giving his family much-needed closure. Although the cause of the man’s death is still unknown, police can now work the case and possibly find answers about what happened to him.

The Hunt for Gabby

Authorities are on their way to some answers in Gabby’s case, as well. The young vlogger left her home in July on a four-month adventure across the country with her fiance. But when her family lost touch with her in late August and her companion returned home without her, Petito’s mother knew something was wrong. So, she reported her daughter missing, and authorities launched a hunt ending with the bodies of not one victim, but two.

The Gabby Petito Connection

Although their death mysteries remain unsolved, if the search for Gabby Petito hadn’t received national attention, perhaps Robert Lowery would still be missing. But as fate would have it, the search for Petito assisted police in bringing the man home where the investigations could continue for them both. Now, as police continue their work, both deceased loved ones’ families have the opportunity to grieve and begin the healing process.

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