Another City Asks Homeowners To House Illegals

( – The city of Denver has recently begun scaling back services it has provided to illegal migrants, citing the need to reduce the deficit by $60 million. Mayor Mike Johnston previously said that the city would be spending nearly $180 million to deal with the crisis.

He blamed former President Trump and Republicans in Congress for his decision to cut public services by five percent, citing a controversial Senate bill that died in the Republican-controlled House. He noted that more cuts were on the horizon, although no full-time city employees would lose their jobs. The city also closed several of its migrant shelters and has been in contact with rental property owners to see if they would provide housing.

Jon Ewing, who works for Denver Human Services, said that they were feeling out landlords and telling them that “we’re going to have some newcomers who are going to need housing.” A recently released memo from the Biden administration that uses the term “newcomers” has prompted the Democratic Party to adopt the rhetoric. This shift in lingo is unsurprising to anyone who follows the strategy of the party. Ewing certainly got the memo. He said that non-profit groups had connected with the illegal migrants who had left the shelters that were shutting down to help them find housing.

Ewing said that less than 1,800 people were currently living in the shelters that remained open. Back in January, over 4,500 were in search of housing. He said that the city had assisted over 1,300 individuals to obtain work permits over the last few weeks, which has helped them pay for their housing. Denver has spent close to $58 million taking care of 38,861 illegal migrants, with most of those arriving since 2023.

Just last month, news reports of a couple taking in a Haitian family sparked online discussions about indentured servitude after the homeowner bragged about having someone to cook for her. The governor and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts have called on residents to house illegal migrants since August 2023.

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