Andrew Cuomo May Finally Be Punished!

Cuomo Might Be Held Accountable Over Nursing Home Deaths

Cuomo Might Be Held Accountable Over Nursing Home Deaths

( – On October 24, Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) announced her intention to subpoena former Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) so the House can question him about the nursing home scandal in the spring of 2020. She made the statement during a press conference in Rensselaer County and said it will happen if Republicans win control of the Lower Chamber in November.

Stefanik recently had a short discussion with Fox News Digital, where she predicted a “big Republican year” during the midterms. The legislator believes people want “change” and are tired of President Joe Biden running the country without a conservative counterbalance.

In the beginning months of the pandemic, Cuomo required nursing homes to accept residents back into the facility after they recovered from COVID-19. Some believe the move resulted in more deaths in one of the country’s most vulnerable populations. His office was then accused of under-reporting the number of residents who died within these facilities. The assessment turned out to be true, as the governor claims he was afraid to report the true figures out of fear the Trump Administration would use the data against the Democrats.

The FBI and the DOJ reportedly looked into the matter, but a sex scandal grabbed the headlines and forced the governor out of office anyway. Still, Stefanik wants answers. The lawmaker said, “there must be accountability.”

Do you think the Republicans will win the House majority in November?

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