Andrew Cuomo Back In The Spotlight — Guess What He’s Up To?

Andrew Cuomo Is Back in Politics -- Guess What He's Up To?

Andrew Cuomo Is Back in Politics — Guess What He’s Up To?

( – On September 28, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced his decision to return to the limelight by starting a political action committee (PAC), a podcast, and possibly a gun safety initiative. Cuomo, who left his position following sexual harassment allegations in 2021, wants to help “elect the right people to office.” The ex-politician thinks Washington, DC, is full of “panderers” and needs more officials in positions of power to get things done.

The ex-governor said he was “very concerned” about the US, watching from the sidelines since leaving the public eye. Cuomo believes the fighting culture fueled by social media has to stop, and he aims to use his PAC to support politicians who are willing to “fight for change.” He didn’t mention how he plans to fund the entity.

Regarding his podcast, the three-term governor said he plans to bring a non-partisan perspective to the political realm by sharing a “frank and candid” account of what it’s really like behind closed doors as an official in government. Cuomo was less clear about his “Gun Safe America” project on the horizon. However, while in a position of power, the former NY official pushed for strict gun safety laws.

What do you think about Cuomo returning to the spotlight?

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