Amy Schumer Was Prohibited From Joking About “Rust” Shooting at Oscars

Amy Schumer Was Prohibited From Joking About 'Rust' Shooting at Oscars

( – Stand-up comic Amy Schumer had a few jokes to make during a recent comedy club set about Alec Baldwin and “Rust.” On April 2, she was performing in Las Vegas when she revealed Oscars organizers told her some jokes she intended to tell at the event would be too controversial for the show.

One quip involved Baldwin and the fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins that took place while filming “Rust.” When talking about the movie “Don’t Look Up,” she was going to mention not to look down the barrel of a shotgun with Baldwin on the other end.

Schumer said her attorney instructed her not to use that joke at the Oscars but mentioned it must be okay to slap someone, referring to the controversial incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock. After all, Smith remained at the show and received a prestigious award shortly after the incident.

The comedienne told the crowd she was still shocked by the violence that occurred on stage while Rock was doing his stand-up routine. She said Smith must be in a lot of pain to have reacted that way.

Given how Smith continued at the awards show despite his outburst, do you think Schumer should’ve been able to tell her “Rust” joke that evening, or was the wisecrack too over-the-top?

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