American Airlines Union: Unvaccinated Employees Won’t Be Fired – at Least Not Immediately

American Airlines Union: Unvaccinated Employees Won't Be Fired - at Least Not Immediately

( – When President Joe Biden released his vaccine mandate in September, airline company employees were under the impression they had to comply or risk termination. While that might be true for some flight businesses, the American Airlines flight attendant union announced on October 18 employees who refused COVID-19 vaccinations would not immediately face unemployment. In fact, they have a “process that must be followed” before anyone loses their job.

But the airline company still has a November 24 deadline for its employees to show proof of vaccination. Considering that the date hits just before Thanksgiving and Christmas, the consequences of non-compliance may keep families away from each other for another holiday season.

Although the union didn’t mention what would happen to unvaccinated airline employees after the November date or the December 8 deadline imposed by the president, accommodation discussions are ongoing.

However, the union clarified, just because flight attendants won’t lose their jobs right away doesn’t mean they won’t at all. And if American Airlines follows others in the industry to keep government contracts, the loss of attendants and pilots could lead to flight cancellations through at least the end of the year.

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