America, Love it or Leave It

America, Love it or Leave It

( – There may not be another country on earth that inspires such strong feelings about itself in its citizens as the United States of America. Very few Americans are indifferent about our country — most of us see it as the greatest country in the world, but a significant minority think it’s rotten to the core with injustices at every turn. While everyone’s entitled to their opinion, those who hold the latter view often fail to suggest any viable solutions to the problems they complain about.

The irony of this situation is that the division in today’s America is probably the biggest challenge we all face. Recent protests against alleged institutional racism have turned into weeks of violence in many areas, causing damage to thousands of properties. It’s now becoming clear these demonstrations have done nothing for racial harmony; in fact, they’ve only divided our society further, causing harm that may take years to repair.

The weeks after 9/11 provide the best recent example of an America that achieved things by working as a unit. In the shadow of our country’s darkest times, people of all backgrounds set aside their differences to get things back on track. Politicians from both major parties cooperated to pass emergency legislation and ordinary citizens made unprecedented efforts to donate blood, volunteer for charitable organizations, and generally show their support for their country. This seems like a distant memory today.

It’s human nature to be envious of what others have. Anyone who has ever received a hefty medical bill has probably fantasized briefly about living somewhere with free public healthcare. However, it’s important to remember that nothing in life is truly free. Countries that provide medical care have to levy huge taxes in order to fund these services, making it more difficult for businesses to flourish and leaving ordinary citizens with less money in their pockets.

Another problem is the benefits of these systems typically accrue to the people who deserve them the least; someone who leads an unhealthy lifestyle will usually lean much more heavily on public medical care than someone who looks after themselves well.

Even the most enthusiastic patriots can admit that America has its problems. However, those who love this country are willing to work toward fixing those problems and improving our shared future, rather than dismissing it as a lost cause. Instead of entertaining or debating anti-American sentiments, it might be time for us to invite those who hate this country to leave it behind once and for all.

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