Amber Heard Roasted by Chris Rock Over Defecation Incident

Amber Heard Roasted by Chris Rock Over Defecation Incident

Top Comedian EPICALLY Roasts Amber Heard’s “Crappy” Situation

( – On May 16, actress Amber Heard denied taking a poop on her ex-husband’s bed, which ended up as fodder for comedian Chris Rock’s standup routine. “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for defamation of character. During the trial, the actor alleged Heard left him an unpleasant surprise in their former marital bed.

Rock lamented on stage during his current comedy tour in London “once you s**t in someone’s bed, you [sic] just guilty of everything.”

The comedian went on to say the audience should “believe all women” except Heard because she pooped on the bed.

The actress denied the allegation made by Depp’s former security guard. He testified Heard told him she left the mess in the bed for her ex-husband to find.

The incident caught media attention for obvious reasons, prompting podcast host Joe Rogan to call her crazy and slamming Disney for dropping Depp from their Pirates’ franchise.

Heard claims the feces was left on the bed by one of their small dogs, who allegedly has bowel problems. However, Depp insists he knows the difference between animal poop and human excrement. The defamation suit is still ongoing, with comedians like Rock looking for little nuggets to add to their acts, no doubt.

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