Amazon Employees Give List of Demands to Corporation

Amazon Employees Give List of Demands to Corporation

Amazon Employees Demand Action From The Corporation

( – In an open letter to Amazon following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, pro-choice workers penned a list of ideas on how the influential business can help defend their rights. According to a report by GeekWire, Amazon employs over one million people in the US, and some of those employees are speaking out regarding abortion rights. Unfortunately, the letter does not include consideration for those on the other side of the issue.

The List of Demands

The letter writers said there needs to be immediate action against what they call an attack on their “basic human rights.” They started off the document by buttering up the reader by stating Amazon is the “world’s best employer” before launching into their bulleted requests.

Here are a few moves the employees asked their employer to make on their behalf.

  • Publicly denounce the SCOTUS decision
  • Organize and sponsor protests against the ruling
  • Expand remote work options to help with relocation to abortion-friendly states
  • Stop operating in states banning abortion
  • Remove all anti-abortion products

Setting aside the issue of obvious favoritism toward pro-choice employees, most of the demands would have a potentially significant impact on the business itself. Amazon would essentially be alienating part of the population by choosing a side and neglecting to remain impartial. The company would most certainly lose customers and likely lose part of its workforce as well, which would affect not only Amazon but the remaining employees.

The pro-choice group ended the letter by asking their employer to act now to defend their rights.

The Issue

Amazon employees who believe in abortion rights turned to their employer because the company has deep pockets and heavy influence in America and abroad. It appears the group doesn’t feel its voice will be heard in the United States because of the recent Supreme Court decision to move the issue of abortion to the individual states. They said it was time to “Think Big” in order to get their rights back, and that includes asking for help from one of the most well-known and powerful companies in the world.

Company Responses

Although Amazon has not yet responded to the requests outlined in the open letter, other companies have made their positions known. Dick’s Sporting Goods stated it would give employees travel reimbursement up to $4,000 if someone needs to travel out of state for an abortion procedure.

Starbucks, Tesla, Microsoft, Netflix, Bank of America, and several others have also committed to covering all or some abortion-related expenses for employees.

Do you think Amazon will give into employee demands, or do you believe the company should remain neutral on this issue?

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