All-Female Israeli Squad Claims Killing 100 Hamas Terrorists

( – The fog of war often results in faulty media reporting, whether intentional or unintentional. During the beginning of the war in Ukraine, propaganda was raging from both sides, leaving people confused and unsure of what to believe. Images from previous conflicts were shared by lawmakers who believed they were current. Pranksters spread the “Ghost of Kyiv” hoax, which former Republican Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger believed to be true. With the onset of the conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists, Americans approached news reporting with skepticism.

The Jerusalem Post reported that an Israeli Defense Force (IDF) combat squad, made up of only females, killed 100 Hamas terrorists during a four-hour battle. The terrorists had reportedly infiltrated the Israeli cities of Sufa and Nirim. The unit commander, Or Ben-Yehuda, said, “There are no more doubts about female combat soldiers,” praising their bravery. She advised that her unit was covering 11 towns and securing the borders of Southern Gaza and Egypt. Ben-Yuda said that her unit suffered no casualties during the battle, but that she was nearly shot at close range.

The Jerusalem Post said that Ben-Yehuda relocated her unit to a post near the Egyptian border after terrorists began firing rockets near the Gaza border. She received word from another commander about the infiltration of the Israeli towns, and she swiftly responded by gathering her unit to confront the terrorists head-on. Shortly after, she learned that the terrorists had made it inside an IDF military base. Upon arrival, the unit gathered the location information of the terrorists. Then they were charged by nearly 50 terrorists, prompting a strong response. With the eventual assistance from other units, the base was finally secured 14 hours later. Since the deadliest terrorist attack in Israel’s history on October 7, over 8,000 people have been killed. The IDF has responded with the goal of dismantling the Hamas terrorist organization, vowing not to stop until its mission is complete.

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