All Eyes on COVID as Almost All States See Surges

( – For months, medical experts have expressed concerns that the US might have a second wave of COVID-19 during the cold months. It seems like that’s exactly what’s happening, but President Donald Trump is working to save lives.

There have been about 55,000 new coronavirus cases in the US every day throughout mid-October. National Institutes of Health Director, Dr. Francis Collins, expects more hospitalizations as the numbers start to increase, meaning more deaths are imminent. Trump is now working to make the medications that he took to control the virus’ symptoms free to everyone.

On October 17, Trump told supporters in Wisconsin the antibody treatment he received will eventually be free to everybody.

The race for a vaccine is also continuing. The president hopes the FDA will approve an immunization before the end of the year. Americans can help Trump by doing what they can comfortably do to limit the spread within their own families.

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