Alex Jones Faces Tough Testimony at Ongoing Sandy Hook Defamation Trial

Alex Jones Faces Tough Testimony at Ongoing Sandy Hook Defamation Trial

Alex Jones Suffers BIG BLOW – It Just Got Rough…

( – In December 2012, a bloody massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut left 20 children and six adults dead. Radio show host Alex Jones is now on trial in Texas for defamation after publically claiming the tragedy was a hoax. On August 1, the defendant claimed the judge and lawyers were acting “demonically possessed” in their pursuit of his guilt.

Neil Heslin, a mournful father who lost his six-year-old boy that fateful day, recently took the stand against the entertainer. He tearfully remembered his son’s final moments while vowing to finish the fight the host started.

The child’s mother, Scarlett Lewis, also addressed the defendant directly, asking him if he thought she was an actor. Jones replied “no,” before the judge told him to be quiet.

Jesse’s parents are suing the host for $150 million because his words on “InfoWars” allegedly put their lives in danger, as some people believed Jones’ accusations. They said the defendant made the decade of their lives a “living hell” while profiting off the backs of their dead babies.

During Alex Jones’ testimony on the stand, the judge temporarily excused the jury so she could address his lying on the stand. She reminded him that he was under oath and was shocked she had to remind him to tell the truth. As several suits besides the one in Texas loom, the radio show personality filed for bankruptcy.

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