Al Gore Says Greenhouse Gases Being Monitored By Surveillance Program

Al Gore Says Greenhouse Gases Being Monitored By Surveillance Program

( – Beginning October 31, the United Kingdom hosted the 26th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), bringing over 30,000 people together to address the Earth’s future. In an interview from the summit with NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell, former Vice President Al Gore said a program exists to track greenhouse gas emissions on a massive scale.

Climate TRACE is a unique program using a coalition to gather and trend climate data while looking for greenhouse gas emissions. Through a combination of data from satellites, ground, air, and sea internet streams, plus artificial intelligence, the former VP said officials could “accurately determine” the main sources of the gasses to hold culprits responsible.

He said that to manage the climate problem, humans must first measure its origin points and how bad it is. The computer and satellite analysis Gore referred to tracks information in real-time to assist scientists in assigning responsibility. The specific reports should come out in 2022.

Before this effort, the politician and filmmaker stated past climate conferences used outdated data. Some of the reports were up to 20 years old, which didn’t help current discussions. Gore hopes scientists and lawmakers can make emission adjustments that will positively affect climate change with up-to-the-minute data.

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