Airline Employee Lauded For Standing Up to Trans Activist

( – Far-left progressive activists have demanded nationwide compliance with addressing others by their correct gender pronouns over the last several years. Email signatures and profile bios are equipped with instructions on which personal pronouns should be used during communications. Corporations and medical providers have also jumped on the bandwagon, asking applicants and patients to list their pronouns on paperwork. Many employers have used coercive tactics during training to compel employees to name their pronouns, often creating uncomfortable situations for people who do not subscribe to the narrative.

One airline employee made clear that he would not comply with the demands of a passenger during an encounter that was captured on video. A man who was not seen on the video was complaining that the Delta Airlines employee “misgendered” him when he referred to him as “he,” adding that another female employee purposely misgendered him twice. The altercation appears to have occurred at La Guardia International Airport in New York just three days before Christmas. The employee explained that he did not do anything intentionally, but said, “if you want to take it personal, that’s also okay.” The employee went on to inform the passenger that he was acting condescendingly and could opt to have him thrown out of the airport if it continued. The man immediately changed his tune and the video ended.

However, the video went viral on social media, with many prominent conservatives sharing their thoughts on the matter on X, formerly Twitter. They applauded the employee for not caving to the activists’ demands, with some suggesting how ridiculous it is to try and force people to go along with others’ delusions.

In a surprising twist, the activist turned out to be closely affiliated with the controversial transgender activist, Dylan Mulvaney. The X (Twitter) account Libs of TikTok identified the man as Tommy Dorfman, who recently featured Mulvaney as a guest on his podcast. Dorfman posted about the incident on his TikTok account, claiming that the Delta employee did call the port authority, which showed up a few minutes later to question him and his partner. The incident occurred just two days after Delta Airlines was accused of flying illegal migrants to various locations across the United States with taxpayer dollars.

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