AI Predicted to Thrive in 2021

AI Predicted to Thrive in 2021

( – Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prevalent in our daily lives. There are smart replies for email, chatbots that help out when we visit a website and have a question, product recommendations online and many other things you probably don’t consider. Although our world isn’t quite like the Jetsons yet, experts believe AI will explode in 2021.

It makes sense the industry would grow, especially since 2020 was such a big year. Some of the AI technology that was put in use is really cool; take a look:

According to Forrester Research, Americans will start turning toward AI more in a number of ways next year.

  • Companies will increase their use of AI.
  • People will “push AI to new frontiers” by using technology like holographic meetings.
  • Businesses will progress toward data they can trust for AI, which includes testing fake data for training.

AI is the way of the future, and companies definitely recognize that.

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