Afghan Mothers Throw Babies to British Troops at Kabul Airport

Afghan Mothers Throw Babies to British Troops at Kabul Airport

( – President Joe Biden’s rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan created a dire situation for the innocent civilians who live there. But nothing highlighted the citizens’ desperation more than the sight of Afghan mothers throwing their precious babies over razor wire to troops at the Kabul airport in hopes of saving their lives.

The US Central Command announced on August 17 that the Hamid Karzai International Airport was secure and open. However, an Afghan-Australian attempting to flee the country said people can’t get to the planes and must remain trapped in Kabul.

That’s because there are hoards of people trying to escape the country without a solid plan to get them out. Meanwhile, the Taliban reportedly beat people who try to leave and shoot over their heads, making it nearly impossible to get beyond the gates. Instead, innocent people, frightened for their lives, are trampling each other for a chance at freedom.

American and British military members can only watch the horror from their posts because their jurisdiction ends at the fenceline of the Karzai airport. A video from the country’s capital shows at least some Afghan babies making the journey from their helpless mothers’ arms to soldiers behind the airport fence. Others have gotten snagged on razor wiring, much to the dismay of soldiers on the other side.

Unfortunately, no reports show whether those children are making their way to the airplanes to escape, or if powerless bystanders are simply returning them to the danger zone. Let’s hope they’re on their way to freedom.

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