Adam Schiff Rakes In Campaign Cash

( – Representative Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has been the clear frontrunner in the race to replace retiring California Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein, and his massive number of campaign donations for 2023 surely have put a damper on the other candidates’ hopes of having a fighting chance. Rep. Schiff is a favorite among Democrat voters, mostly because of his incessant targeting of former President Trump. Schiff has used Trump’s name to garner donations for several years now, and his recent censuring by House Republicans for the falsehoods he manufactured about then-President Trump colluding with Russia has offered him a new opportunity to rake in the dough.

Shortly after the House voted to publicly reprimand him, Schiff posted a video on his social media platforms, telling his supporters, “I wear this partisan vote as a badge of honor,” followed by a link to donate to his campaign. His efforts have certainly paid off with his voting base, as his campaign reported over $8.1 million in second-quarter donations. His campaign manager, Brad Elkins, released a statement announcing Rep. Schiff’s fundraising success, reporting nearly $30 million to use to secure his victory in 2024. Elkins added that Schiff’s campaign is “resonating with the people of California.”

Rep. Schiff gained notoriety when he was on the House Intelligence Committee during the Mueller investigation, often leaving classified briefings to tell the media that he had guaranteed proof that then-President Trump was colluding with Russia, although he never produced any type of evidence to justify his claims. The Mueller investigation ended with no charges for Trump, but Schiff still repeats the same claims to this day. The former president has widely scrutinized Schiff over the last several years and was supportive of his censuring in Congress, and while some lawmakers believe he should be expelled due to the damaging effects of his false claims, no one has forced a vote on the matter. The censure resolution included an order for an ethics investigation, which could result in more punishment for the controversial representative.

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